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RCM is extending two types of storage services to companies

• Dedicated Warehousing • Shared Warehousing

Our warehousing activity is being extended to different product lines from different industries . Today our inventory include from industries like Paints,Chemicals,Batteries,Pipes & Fittings (PVC & CPVC), Electricals,Food / Dairy products & other FMCG products We extend own/lease warehouse space with Security, Parking space, made available as per the Product requirement & with adequate ventilation. RCM extends Storage/stacking, handling incoming receipts, dispatches & inventory management in ware house as per the principal company requirement’s Usage of Material Handling equipment. Will go for semi automation wherever it is required for the process/operations. We develop Warehouse Management Systems as per companies requirement and to achieve optimum utilization of resources. We provide long-term and reliable services to ensure hassle-free, efficient solutions to our clients.



RCM is committed to provide result oriented management structure & work culture is performance based.Manpower is well trained to handle all types of products,handle situations when there is sudden increase in business volumes. Manpower is recruited as per the clients’ requirement with product specific expertise. Training to manpower is the continuous process which is inbuilt in our work culture. Do’s & Don’ts in C&FA Operations are clearly infused to Manpower. Maintain 90 % retention level as we feel that they are our Corestrength.Have own set of Hamlis skilled & semiskilled for warehouse activities.



RCM with years of hands on experience in transportation and has an invaluable knowledge and expertise. Transportation and fleet management is a complicated and challenging task. Our dedicated transportation fleet with over 70 vehicles will help you to minimize your cost, avoid risks like strikes, labour management, traffic cost delays among others creating ultimate logistical services though our warehousing and transport systems.



RCM operates on Own/ Rented with Specific Requirements in 100000sft. Presently we are with semi automation infra wherever it is required for the process/operations We have own & hired fleet of vehicles consisting of 0.5 tonner to 21 tonner for GT/MT/INSTUTTIONAL supplies. Separate vehicles for MT’s supplies. Separate team for statutory & legal requirements of the principal companies requirement.

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